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Welcome to The Power of Difference Assessment

The purpose of the PDA is to identify the unconscious patterns you “hold” or “value" in relationship to the intersection of power and our sociocultural differences of race, sexual orientation, disability, culture, religion, gender, and class. This information can help us to “leverage” or integrate the assets of these patterns while minimizing their limitations. The PDA has 70 items and requires approximately 20 minutes to complete.

IMPORTANT: In the reported results you will encounter information which is based on the Power of Difference Model and the PDA developers’ experience. The Sum makes no claim as to the assessment's reliability and validity as this analysis is still in the beginning phases. If you are unprepared to encounter information of this nature, with which you may not agree, which you may find objectionable, and about which you may not be conscious, do not proceed.

The PDA may not be administered or reproduced in part or in whole, without the express written permission of The Sum - electronically or by other means.